Quality Service & Repairs

We are centrally located in Miami, FL and have been serving the South Florida community proudly with excellent quality service and assurance at an unbeatable and aggressive price. At AAA Construction and Restoration Services we deliver high quality services and commitment results. We strive to provide the best for your home or business with an emphasis on customer satisfaction guaranteed. We are a state certified architects and engineers and provide an array of services to all of South Florida.

Our Commitment

Our number one goal is to understand and ensure our customer's best interest in any given project. We realize and understand the difficulties of today's economy and vow to provide our customers with exceptional service while maintaining the most competitive pricing.

Our other Services
Most of the photos here are examples, and not our direct work. We do not claim we did any of the work on the pages. The only page that we hold copyright for is the Portfolio page. All of the images on the portfolio page are our direct and professional work.